kids custom orthotics

fixed price $250*

You’re worried about your child’s feet? 

You’re thinking orthotic insoles may be the solution?


At Joint Effort Healthcare, our Clinical Director has been investigating and treating foot pain for 24 years.  That said, we believe most kids will never need a pair of orthotics; but if persistent or particularly acute pain develops it is certainly time consult the medical professionals who are feet experts - a Podiatrist.


Custom orthotics may be beneficial if your child:-

Appears to walk abnormally or appears clumsier than others

Is complaining of foot or leg pain during or after sport

Is limping or has developed an awkward walk or running style

Is feeling extreme foot & leg fatigue at the end of a normal day, despite well-fitted quality footwear

Has difficulty balancing


If any of these are a concern you may be able to take advantage of our



This special offer is only available for children aged 12 & under and expires 30th April 2017.

Up to 60 Minute Consultation & Biomechanical Investigations (inc. video gait analysis)

 + 1 pair of customised orthotics fitted to school shoes and/or sport shoes.

*Full Terms & Conditions

1) Applies to children 12 and under only.

2) Valid for Provider # 5056834X  Sarah Britton (BSc Hons Podiatry, UK).

3) $250 Fixed Fee Includes up to 60 minute Appointment covering Initial Assessment with Paediatric Biomechanical Investigations (Australian Podiatry Council items 004 + 118) and fitting of 1 pair of customised orthotic devices (Australian Podiatry Council  item number 240 or 267) to school shoes or trainers which have recently been fitted by a qualified fitter (such as Shoes & Sox, The Athletes Foot), at that appointment.


4) Should custom orthotics not be recommended immediately (deemed inappropriate or unnecessary) or further investigations are necessary (eg. visual imaging, referral to Sports Physician) a standard fee of $135 will apply (Australian Podiatry Council item 004).

5) Fixed Fee does not include any follow-up appointments, however a complimentary follow-up email will be sent to you after the break-in period.  One Review Appointment (Australian Podiatry Council item 012) will be available at a discounted fee of $40 in the event that fit issues arise during the first 3 months.   


6) Customised Orthotics Devices (Australian Podiatry Council item 240 and 267) have a maximum life of 12 months.  During periods of rapid growth we recommend that the device fit is intermittently checked visually by a parent and reviewed by our podiatrist if showing signs of extreme wear or inappropriate fit.


7) Additional Pairs of devices will be available after the break-in period at a discounted price of $100 per pair (an additional consultation may be required - Australian Podiatry Council item 012/014) until 30th April 2017.

8)  Where a complex, congenital or pathological musculoskeletal condition applies referral to the Clinical Director may be required and additional fees may apply.


9) Standard Advanced Gait Dynamics Pty Ltd Missed Appointment or Late Cancellations Policy applies.  A fee equivalent of up to 100% of the scheduled consultation charge + GST will be payable for missed appointments or cancellations with less than 1 business day notice.

10) We are happy to act on your behalf and process your Health Fund Rebate via Hicaps; however if you have concerns regarding your gap payment you will need to discuss this directly with your fund.


11) No Warranty or Guarantee is available beyond the device Manufacturer’s Warranty under Australian Law.

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